Starting a Recycling Program for Home or Business

Recycle at home or business to lower costs and improve the environment.The first major question that should be answered in getting started is “What materials are going to be recycled?”

Since most people know that almost everything can be recycled, they get buried in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. My suggestion to anyone wanting to begin a recycling program is to make a list of what materials you have to recycle. From that list, which of these materials do you have the most. For example, say you want to recycle materials from your home. You have made a list and it includes:

  • Cardboard
  • Office Paper
  • Junk Mail
  • Newsprint
  • Books & Magazines
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Steel Cans
  • Clothes Hangers

Now you can stop and look at which of these materials you have the most. To get your family members or co-workers to join you in this recycling effort, start with one or two items. Get a couple of containers and tell them that you would like for them to join you in recycling. I have found that if you don’t overwhelm them with a lot of different items, especially at first, the participation rate will be higher.

Once you have made a list of what items you have to recycle, you will need to do a little investigating work to decide where you will need to take these recyclables. On your way to work, be looking for a place to drop off these items. If you have a large amount of recyclable materials, some companies will pick them up.

Recycling is good for the world we live in, and it can be a cost saver for you if you participate. If you have a large volume of material to recycle on a regular basis, we offer pick up services over a large area north of Houston. Send us a message telling us about your recycling needs and you may find that we can help you!